Animal Crossing: A New Horizons fan shares a Non-standard plush star


Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a hit all over the world, there are many collectibles and goods based on the franchise on sale. Amiibo, accessories, clothing and even Animal Crossing Build-a-Bear characters are available.

However, with almost 400 Animal Crossing residents that players can see settle in their city, there are many favorites that haven’t received many goods. This was the case with one young player’s favorite character, Asterisk, but his mother kept the situation under control.

A Reddit user and parent Ana_Ng_N_I turned to the Animal Crossing subreddit to share their story and images of their creation. According to Ana_Ng_N_I, their child was very sad because they couldn’t find any Animal Crossing plush toy based on the character design. Fortunately, their mom was able to fix it by making a plush star from scratch. The results are very impressive, and the community is fascinated by them.


The design of the villager is on top here. Sprocket, which looks like a robot ostrich, has been brought to life with attention to detail, down to the metal seams on the face and neck. The number 04 is included on the back of the Asterisk, and mom even made a removable orange jacket for plush, like a character in the game. It is impressive that Ana_Ng_N_I created a plush without any template, having come up with a design from scratch. Fortunately, the efforts paid off, and the creation was a great success, and the young fan is very happy with the plush toy.

Fellow Animal Crossing fans were extremely positive in the comments, praising Ana_Ng_N_I and their design. Many wanted them to have such a plush toy for themselves, and some noted that Sprocket was also their favorite. Users also expressed interest in buying plush from OP, but noted that due to the fact that it takes them a lot of time to create, they cannot produce it for others. However, they expressed hope that this could change in the future.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons holds a special place in the minds of many people, as the game appeared at just the right time to help create a sense of normality during the pandemic. As a result, many people probably have a beloved villager like Ana_Ng_N_I baby, but few can confirm that they have a hand-made loving gift like this to celebrate them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already available for the Nintendo Switch.


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