Animal Crossing: A New Horizons fan shared a cute concept for a banana-themed octopus resident


Animal Crossing Fan: New Horizons came up with a banana-themed villager design. Despite the fact that there are already many residents in the village, some fans still like to create concepts of cute animals that they would like to populate on their island. Despite the fact that in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has several characters that gamers like, many of them have shown that there are still ideas that Nintendo has not touched yet.

Some players like to come up with ideas of villagers based on animals that have already been included in the simulator of life. Animal Crossing has affected many different creatures, from cats and dogs to birds and bears. One player has come up with his own resident Animal Crossing, which is an octopus, albeit with a unique twist.

A Reddit user under the nickname drdoy123 came up with an octopus mixed with a banana for a resident of their island. The creature has a bump on its head that looks like a peduncle, and there are spots on its limbs similar to what can be seen on a ripe banana. The octopus, which drdoy123 named Banana, wears a blue shirt and a sticker on his cheek that resembles a leaf that is part of the Animal Crossing logo. Octopus is a cute concept and a unique version of a creature that has already been made in Animal Crossing.

Octopus Animal Crossing OC, Banana from AnimalCrossing

Banana has become popular among Animal Crossing players: New Horizons: drdoy123’s post has now garnered over 2,500 votes. Many commentators say they want Banana to be in the games, and one fan said that the character is real in their heart. Another gamer mentioned that he is not usually a fan of the villagers living on octopuses, but wants a drdoy123 creation to appear on their island.

While drdoy123 presents animal-based villagers who have already become familiar with the world of the life simulator, some create concepts of creatures that are not yet in the games. A redditor known as ILikeIt_Picasso came up with a design for a resident of a bat village that could be included in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The bat, named Meloni, has a watermelon theme and is covered in green fur in a red shirt. ILikeIt_Picasso also added a number of details for Meloni, including her favorite color, likes and personal goals. The design is amazing, and it’s a good way to represent a type of creature that Nintendo hasn’t done yet.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already available for the Nintendo Switch.


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