Animal Collective cancels European Tour due to “economic Reality that Just doesn’t work”


Indie rock band Animal Collective has cancelled an upcoming European tour scheduled for November.

The band posted the news on their Instagram account earlier today to share the news with their fans. “Friends, we are absolutely upset to announce today that we are taking the decision to cancel our UK and EU dates for November,” the statement said.

“We love playing music for you and sincerely want to be there. It’s been a wild year for us trying to overcome a mountain of touring related to COVID and the economy. Three of us have had severe cases of COVID. We were forced to cancel the show and lost most of the income that supports us and our families.”

“The only constant was that we had a great time playing music in front of our fans at every concert. You’re all amazing. We decided to break through because we like to do it. But preparing for this tour, we looked at the economic reality, which simply does not work and is not sustainable,” Animal Collective continues about the cancellation of the European tour.

“From inflation, to currency devaluation, to inflated shipping and transportation costs and much more, we just couldn’t make a budget for this tour that wouldn’t lose money, even if everything went as well as it could. We have always been one of those people who stood up in difficult times and took the stage, if our health did not prevent it.”

“We decided not to risk our mental and physical health because of the economic reality of what the tour would be like. We hope that you understand and that you know that we would not make such a choice lightly. We really don’t want anything but to do it again. Many thanks to our team, promoters and venues who worked so hard for us on this tour. We look forward to coming back to play for all of you and hope you’ll be with us when we do.”


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