Angry Birds VR’s Developer Announces New Game ‘Blaston’


Resolution Games, a studio specializing in VR games, announced its new game Blaston. The developer is getting ready to go out of style with the new VR game that offers a 1v1 dueling experience.

Angry Birds VR and Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! Resolution Games, the studio behind successful VR games such as, announced the new VR game. The developer is aiming to get out of style this time with the new VR game PvP shooter Blaston.

Blaston will be a dueling experience where players will be constantly on the move and will try to detonate their opponents with a variety of high-tech, futuristic weapons. Resolution Games also released a new trailer showing the scene in which the two characters in the game shot at each other.

Blaston will offer a 1v1 duel experience with high-tech weapons
The studio’s release in the trailer shows that Blaston will be limited to 1v1 challenges. In this respect, Blaston will come out with a different style than arena type VR games such as Dead and Buried II or Smashbox Arena. Resolution Games was generally known for cooperative VR games.

It is not known for which VR glasses or platforms Resolution Games will release Blaston. However, considering that the developer has released most of the other games for Oculus glasses, we think it will follow a similar strategy in Blast. There is no specific date for the release date of Blaston, but the game is expected to be released soon.

Published trailer for Blaston: