Angelina Pivarnik Reveals She’s Not Watching “Jersey Shore” This Season Due to Fraud Allegations: “It Hurts Me too much”


Sitting is one. Angelina Pivarnik often tweets episodes of the series “Jersey Shore” with fans, but decided that she needed a little break.

Angelina Pivarnik from Jersey Shore and the ups and downs of Chris Laranjeira

“I decided not to tweet live because I don’t watch the show,” the 35—year-old MTV star told her subscribers on Thursday, June 23, before the premiere of the second part of the fifth season of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.” “I am too offended by many things. This season will be difficult for me psychologically.”

Earlier this year, the New York native’s husband, Chris Laranjeira, filed for divorce, and their breakup will be the main topic of conversation in new episodes. In one of the season trailers, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino accused his co-star on the set of cheating on her 44-year-old partner before their breakup.

“You had a few side elements,” says the 39—year-old author of Here’s the Situation. “And they all wanted to expose you.

Earlier this week, the All Star Shore contestant exclusively told Us Weekly that she was tired of defending herself against rumors that she cheated on Chris. “Every season I’ve been honest and open, and I’ve proven myself, [but] everyone says, “She’s lying.” I’m just tired of being here,” she said on Wednesday, June 22. “People don’t want to believe me anymore? It’s on them.

She further claimed that she had “CVS length” receipts, which proved that she had not cheated on Chris. “I have deadlines when something [happened],” she told Us. “I don’t delete text messages. I don’t delete photos.”

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Despite these denials, “Family Vacation” has documented many dramas between Angelina and her estranged husband over the years. After the duo tied the knot in November 2019, their ups and downs often became the central storyline of the show.

In one of the June 2021 episodes, the reality TV star said that the couple’s sex life “does not exist,” telling his colleagues on the set: “I’m not the most ideal wife in the world. I yell at him, sometimes I humiliate him. I feel like we’re both wrong. But do you see how I’ll admit it to you? He will never admit that he was wrong.”

Actors of the TV series “Family vacation in Jersey Shore”. MTV

Earlier we confirmed that Angelina filed for divorce in January 2021, but eventually withdrew the documents. Later that year, an insider told us that the duo was “much better” after reconciling.

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“They are still solving problems like any normal couple, but both are doing well,” a source explained in September 2021. “They spend a lot of time together and at the end of the day still support each other.”.

However, four months later, Chris filed for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason.