Angelina Pivarnik from Jersey Shore says she has “receipts” that prove she never cheated on ex Chris Laranjeira: “I know the truth”


Hacking a lie detector! Angelina Pivarnik is tired of defending herself from rumors, including rumors that she cheated on ex-husband Chris Larangeira.

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“Sometimes I’m like a car salesman trying to sell myself that I’m not a liar,” Angelina, 35, told Us Weekly on Wednesday, June 22, discussing her new show All Star Shore. . “Every season I’ve been honest and open and I’ve proven myself, [but] everyone says, ‘She’s lying.’ I’m just tired of being here. People don’t want to believe me anymore? It’s on them.

Angelina, who has a history of conflicts when it comes to communicating with her Jersey Shore co-stars, finds herself accused of cheating on her 45-year-old husband Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in the newest part of “Family Vacation on Jersey Shore,” which begins airing on Wednesday, June 23.

In the trailer for the new season, Mike, 39, claims that Angelina “had a few minor things from your husband and they wanted to expose you.”

Angelina, however, says that the “timing” of Mike’s claims is inaccurate, adding that she can provide receipts for the “length of CVS” that prove her innocence.

Angelina Pivarnik from Jersey Shore and the ups and downs of Chris Laranjeira

“I have deadlines when something [happened],” she told us on Wednesday. “I don’t delete text messages. I don’t delete photos.”

She continued: “My husband and I broke up first, we broke up once before the second, so we broke up. He and I were hanging out, hanging out with friends. I’m allowed to. I was allowed to legally. I’m just being honest. The deadlines have been greatly shifted.”

Angelina and Chris got married in November 2019 after getting engaged a year earlier. Their wedding later played out in the spin-off “Jersey Shore”, and throughout the series, the stormy relationship of the former couple became a common central storyline.

In February, Us confirmed that they had officially broken up. Although Angelina claims that Chris is still “texting her from random numbers,” she claims that she still wants only good things for her ex.

“Sometimes things don’t work out in life, and I always want to wish him all the best,” she said. “I don’t want any hard feelings. We’ve known each other for sixteen years. So I just wish him all the best. I want nothing bad to happen to him in his life. I just want him to be happy.”

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For her part, Angelina says she is “the happiest I’ve been in for so long,” attributing her newfound bliss to the fact that she plunged back into the romantic pool.

“[Divorces] are sad and people go through [them] all the time,” she explained. “It happens in life, and that’s what it is, but I’m moving forward in life. That’s what I’m saying. I’m dating.”

When asked who the mystery man might be, the reality TV star replied: “You’ll have to [watch and] see” All Star Shore, which premieres on Wednesday, June 29. The MTV personality will compete with 14 reality TV stars for an epic vacation in the Canary Islands as they are forced to work together – and against each other — in party—style challenges.

The most difficult test for Angelina? “I have to get up at 7 in the morning,” she joked. “I just [kept] rallying and just kept drinking. It’s the only way to survive and something like that.”

The premiere of All Star Shore on Paramount+ will take place on June 29.

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi