Angelina Pannek is back online after a break in pregnancy!


Angelina Pannek (30) has finally personally contacted her fans! The last few weeks, the influencer’s social media account has been pretty quiet. There was a good reason for this too: on Sunday, a former bachelor’s candidate confirmed that she and her husband Sebastian Pannek (36) became parents for the second time a few weeks ago! After the son, they could now welcome the daughter into this world. After giving birth, Angelina personally talked to her fans for the first time!

“I came back from my childhood holidays,” the 30—year-old woman began to tell in her Instagram story. She is completely grateful for all the congratulations she has received from her fans and her personal entourage since birth. After Angelina has had a lot of fun getting to know her family over the past few weeks, now she wants to start again: “It all starts again! At some point you will have to find a change again.”

The Berlin native was very surprised that many fans were already worried about her due to a long break in the network. “You shouldn’t have worried at all. It was really one of the best times we’ve had. It’s just hard to put into words how wonderful it is to be a mom,” Angelina said enthusiastically about her motherhood.


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