Angelina Jolie: Why does she shop a lot with her kids?


Angelina Jolie is often pictured, while she goes on a shopping spree with her children … But she does it for a specific purpose!

Angelina Jolie therefore wants to have a normal family! While quite a few celebs seek to hide from the crowds and the paparazzi, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife often goes shopping with her children.

But being in plain sight is part of the actress’s goals! She wants to keep “a semblance of normal life”. It must also be said that living hidden or pursued by paparazzi must seem long …

But Angelina Jolie loves going out with her kids. She therefore does not deprive herself of any exit. Even if it must be pictured in all the celebrity magazines. One of her relatives explains it to Hollywood Life.

“Angelina loves shopping, and aiming for a particular purchase… But she especially enjoys this moment face to face with these children. It brings them back to a normal life! ”

The family therefore likes it in the streets, in the shops, far from the trays, the photos and the hotels… Angelina Jolie has therefore decided to drop the fear of being displayed to live her life.


“She really tries to make her children’s lives as normal as possible,” adds the magazine’s source. Shopping is something she and her kids love to do together. ”

A way to break the cliché of the actress out of the world … A way, too, to show her children that they can have normal lives. So that’s Angelina Jolie’s bias.

“Angelina is convinced that her children should also have all the experiences of other children their age. »So she takes them to normal places with normal people…

“She doesn’t want them growing up in a bubble,” summarizes the actress’ relative. Angelina Jolie has therefore decided to stay as close as possible to a normal life to help her children grow up well… A beautiful proof of love!


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