Angelina Jolie seems to be taking some revenge against her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. Everything indicates that she is preventing her children from living in some way with their father; All this came about because Brad refused to let her and the children move to another country.

Jolie’s soul is wild and adventurous, it is one of the women who cannot sit still in one place, she needs the movement in her life, and this is how she has managed for many years.

With the arrival of each of her children, it could be thought that she would make the decision to stop her impulses from being from one place to another, but it was not so. It has come to comment that this was one of the reasons why she and Brad began to have differences.

Recently, one of Angelina Jolie’s plans was to start her life in another country, but it was Brad himself who did not allow children to leave the country, because for him, the best they can have stability and a fixed home.

This did not seem to the 44-year-old actress, because she said that she only wanted children to be soaked in new cultures and languages, so she began using her children to prevent them from spending time with their father, causing Pitt and the children, lose the coexistence in important dates. OUCH!