Angelina Jolie takes on her addiction during pregnancy!


In the past, Angelina Jolie amused the tabloids by confiding without filter her addiction to sex during her pregnancies!

The private life of Angelina Jolie has always intrigued the media. In 2012, the star opened up about her sex addiction without filter … Even pregnant, the actress obviously did not want to do without!

We no longer present Angelina Jolie! Daughter of the iconic Jon Voight, she is to this day one of the most talented actresses of her generation.

If the actress has been very discreet for several months, her personal life continues to fascinate the crowds. And there is something!

For over 10 years, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples. In town, the two stars looked after their 6 children away from prying eyes.

But in 2016, it is the shock within the planet people. The actress then asks for a divorce!

She accuses her husband of all the evils and temporarily obtains custody of their children. Since then Brad Pitt has kept a low profile, and Angelina Jolie has settled into a sublime home not far from hers in L.A.

“I wanted them (Editor’s note: her children) to be close to their father who lives only five minutes from here,” the actress told “Vogue” earlier this year.

If a flashback seems simply impossible with her ex-husband, fans of “Brangelina” like to remember multiple anecdotes about the couple. In the past, Angelina was not stingy with confidences.


Before her separation from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie confided to whoever wanted to hear that she was totally fulfilled in her relationship. To believe his words, they were “complementary” and very close.

In addition, their intimate life also seemed very spicy. In 2008 then pregnant with her twins Vivienne and Knox, the star had explained to “Enternteinment Weekly” that her pregnancies often boosted her libido.

“It’s fantastic for the sex life,” the “Tomb Raider” star said at the time. “It helps you be a lot more creative. So we have fun as a woman, we are more plump and full “.

4 years later, Angelina Jolie had given more details for the journalists of “Public”. “Pregnancy (…) requires you to be more imaginative and it gives more pleasure”, had confided the ex-girlfriend of Brad Pitt.

But also: “My doctor advised me to calm down because I was very tired at the end of the pregnancy. But I went beyond ”.

In the media, Shiloh’s mother has always liked to maintain her image as a sulphurous woman. And all of his shattering releases have often made the front pages of the biggest magazines. We love !


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