Angelina Jolie: with whom did she share her life before Brad Pitt?


Before sharing 10 years of her life with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie knew other men. She has also been married twice.

The couple formed by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has dreamed the whole world for more than ten years. But then who were the other men in her life?

At 4 to 4 years old, the actress is one of the most publicized stars in the whole world. The young woman, who has long been married to Brad Pitt, has known other men in her life.

Long before being in a relationship with Brad, the actress had a relationship with Jonny Lee Miller . The British actor also played with her in the film Hackers , released in 1995.

The couple married when she was only 21 years old. Between the two of them, it was love at first sight. In an old interview with the celebrity press, the actor said: “We were both completely unknown at the time. Angie was not yet … It was above all that, what, ” he confessed.

The couple did not hold out and separated 18 months after getting married. Despite everything, Angelina Jolie keeps a pleasant memory of this relationship with the English actor. “I would always love him, we were just too young,” she said.

A few months after her first divorce, the pretty brunette falls into the arms of Billy Bob Thornton. An actor, once again.

The couple married in 2000 and quickly caught the eye of the cameras. But, after three years of a saw-tooth relationship , the two Americans separate.

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To mark a trace of this love, Angelina Jolie will tattoo herself on many parts of the body. A way for her to remember this love of youth that marked her.

Angelina Jolie met Brad Pitt in 2004 , on the set of the film Mr & Mrs Smith. Years later, the pretty brunette will confide in Vogue about this meeting.

“I didn’t know exactly where Brad was in his personal life, but it was clear that he was living with someone he loved and respected. […] I think we were the last people to seek an adventure. For my part, I was not at all, I was rather happy to be a single mother , “she confessed.

Before formalizing her relationship with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie had adopted a little boy in Cambodia , Maddox, in 2002. The latter was present on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith.


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