Angelina Jolie: her extreme thinness worries more


Actress Angelina Jolie has lost a lot of weight and her thinness worries those close to her! We tell you more.

Angelina Jolie has lost a lot of weight and her loved ones are worried.

Brad Pitt’s ex has lost tremendous weight! Indeed, Angelina Jolie appeared skeletal recently.

The young woman is said to have lost so much weight that she could now put on her daughter’s clothes! His condition is indeed very worrying.

In fact, those close to Angelina Jolie are worried about her. The Globe magazine reports that the famous actress dresses like her daughter.

It seems indeed that these are the only clothes that are in his size! The same media even describes the pretty brunette as a “bag of bones.” ”

His extreme thinness is indeed very worrying. In fact, the same source reports that the young woman eats almost nothing. She would also sleep very badly!


Thus, the 45-year-old actress would weigh only 45 kilos! Recent photos of the pretty brunette show her indeed very slim.

Angelina Jolie would try to hide her thinness, but it is noticeable all the same. The young woman seems to be experiencing a real descent into hell.

On a shopping spree with her children, the young woman was seen in a total white look. Angelina Jolie was indeed wearing a long white skirt and a top of the same color.

The young woman is indeed very thin! You would even notice her bones under her skirt.

The pretty actress would she go through a difficult time? It’s not easy to really know what’s going on in your life. The pretty woman is indeed very discreet.

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But we still know that she is in full battle with Brad Pitt to share custody of the children. A long and difficult divorce that might have had consequences on his health. Which would therefore explain his shocking thinness.


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