Angelina Jolie goes on a shopping spree with Shiloh!


While Brad Pitt is enjoying a stay in the Bahamas, Angelina Jolie was spotted on January 8 with her children in Los Angeles!

This Friday, January 8, Angelina created a surprise! Indeed, Brad Pitt’s ex-girlfriend went on a shopping spree with some of her kids in L.A.

For more than 10 years, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been one of the most perfect couples in Hollywood. But in 2016, dramatic change!

Much to everyone’s surprise, the actress filed for divorce. In addition, she also accuses her ex-husband of all evils to obtain sole custody of their 6 children.

To this day, discussions are still ongoing. But the two stars are said to be making efforts to ease tensions within their family.

A few days ago, Brad Pitt was immortalized in the Bahamas alongside Fléa – the famous bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In front of the reporters, the actor was smiling and very relaxed.

At 57, he seems to be in top form. The same goes for Angelina Jolie! On January 8, the star even took a shopping spree with two of her daughters in L.A. Proof in pictures!


Unsurprisingly, all the paparazzi were on the alert. It must be said that for several months now, Angeline Jolie’s outings in the city have been rather rare.

This time, the actress was only accompanied by Shiloh and Zahara. Cautious in this time of pandemic, the ex of Brad Pitt does not seem to take off his mask.

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Just like his two now teenage daughters. Obviously, Angelina Jolie seemed to be looking for a gift for the young Zahara who was celebrating her 16th birthday on the same day. During their stroll, the star also stopped in the famous store “Ethiopian Design”.

A choice that is not by chance since her adopted daughter is from Awassa (Editor’s note: City in Ethiopia). After having spent several hours of shopping, it’s a safe bet that the latter has found what she is looking for!


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