Angelina Jolie can’t believe playing a heroine in Eternals!


Actress Angelina Jolie never imagined playing the role of a heroine in Eternals! We give you more details. Angelina Jolie never believed that she would play the role of a heroine in the movie Eternals!

At 45, the pretty brunette is far from having retired. Become a true icon in her field, the greatest directors are tearing it up.

It’s no surprise then that Angelina Jolie is still a staple actress in Hollywood to this day. Moreover, the young woman is always in demand to act in great films.

As she tries to find a place as a director, the young woman continues to make a few screen appearances. Last I heard, Angelina Jolie will star in the movie Eternals.

In this film directed by Chloe Zhao, the pretty brunette shares the screen with other big stars of American cinema. Indeed, the cast of this new film, we find the actor Richard Madden or the beautiful actress Salma Hayek.

But also Gemma Chan and Kumail Nanjiani. In Eternals, Brad Pitt’s ex will therefore play the role of Thena. Eh yes !

The latter was the personal representative of the Greek goddess Athena on Earth. Besides, she is also one of the last members of the Eternals. These are the superheroes of the alien race. Eh yes !

But they are forced to come out of their hiding place. They must therefore come together to protect Earth from their sworn enemies, the Deviants. Eh yes. Besides, Angelina Jolie never thought she’d land the role in Marvel’s blockbuster.

Angelina Jolie can’t believe playing a heroine in Eternals!

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The actress has won a number of awards throughout her career. But she never thought she could star in Eternals. Eh yes ! “I love this cast and the fact that we are all together. »Confides the young woman.

“I signed up to support Chloe’s vision. But also Marvel’s commitment to broadening our view of superheroes. »Adds the pretty brunette. Angelina Jolie never imagined landing a role as a superhero at her age. Without surprise.

“Running in a golden bodysuit was not how I imagined my 40s. “Says the actress. “But that’s crazy stuff, I think. »She adds totally delighted to be able to participate in this long awaited film.

Angelina Jolie said that this new role worried her children a lot. Indeed, the latter are afraid that their mother will get hurt. Eh yes !

She tells an adorable anecdote with her children. One day, as the beautiful actress climbed on the trampoline, they asked her to be careful because they were afraid that she would hurt herself.

“My God, isn’t that funny? I used to be an action movie star. Now my children tell me to get off the trampoline because I am going to hurt myself ”confides the young woman. Proof that her children are more than adorable!

The Eternal movie will be available from November 5, 2021. Yes! So we can’t wait to discover it all! Stay tuned, up close.


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