Angelina and Sebastian Pannek’s baby is here: fans megahappy!


They are happy for two! Angelina Pannek (30) and her husband Sebastian Pannek (36) today confirmed the wonderful news: they have become parents again. After the son, they could now welcome the daughter into this world. Recently, the accounts of influential people have been pretty quiet, so their subscribers already suspected that their brainchild was there. Now that Angelina and Sebastian have shared the sweet news, the fans are thrilled!

On Instagram, they announced the birth of their daughter with a love statement in which they are already delighted with their child. Under the post, numerous subscribers then congratulated the newly-made parents of two: “Congratulations on the birth of your princess! Enjoy the time together” and “It’s nice that it’s finally official,” two users wrote. But a familiar face also left a comment.

TV star Denise Merten (32) posted a smiley face with a purple heart under Angelina and Sebastian’s post. With these lines, it becomes more than clear how happy the couple is: “Love for you is magical,” the statement says.


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