Angelin: 10 other little-known celebrities who deserve their own mini-series


Peacock’s miniseries, Angelin, is a five-part journey into the world of pink fantasy surrounding the Los Angeles icon. Those who have lived in Los Angeles at any time since the 1980s are familiar with the mysterious Angelina, who decorated a number of billboards advertising only her name and doll image. Angelin, starring Emmy Rossum, eschews the traditional narrative of other Hollywood biographies in favor of exploring Angelina’s mysterious backstory.

TV series¬†Angelin proves that viewers are eager to return to some of the forgotten or underestimated influential people of the world. Whether it’s true stories steeped in fantasy or told with sharp tenacity, Angelin’s treatment may have shifted the spotlight to other celebrities left in the shadows.

Jolly Clayton

Rolling Stones fans know the unique, rich and powerful vocals of Merry Clayton from the 1969 hit “Gimme Shelter”. Clayton’s career was featured in the 2013 documentary “20 Feet from Fame”, which tells about the interesting life of backing vocalists. Despite the remarkable voice that conquered rock, gospel and soul, it took Clayton decades to achieve notable solo successes.

The miniseries based on Clayton’s life will provide a glimpse behind the scenes of the greatest recordings in history, and viewers will be able to learn about Merry Clayton’s remarkable desire to keep going forward in the face of great adversity. As a result of a 2014 car accident, Clayton lost both legs, but she continued to make music and released a solo album Beautiful Scars in 2021.

Leslie Gore

The voice of teenage love and anxiety, Leslie Gore performed tunes such as “This Is My Party” and “You Don’t Own Me”, as well as a number of other pop songs throughout the 1960s. Although she was a popular teen idol of her time, her name no longer lives in the mass consciousness. In the mid-2000s, Leslie Gore publicly stated that a lesbian used her fame to act as an advocate for LGBTQ+.

As a teenager, Gore amplified the voices of women of her generation with her spectacular songs and leaned towards feminism, glorifying independence. A series about Grief could represent her ascent into the music industry and her path of self-discovery. According to a 2015 New York Times article, Gore was working on a Broadway show about her life at the time of her death.

Amanda Lepore

The success of Angelina Peacock proves that a miniseries about the life of another blonde icon, Amanda Lepore, could also flourish. While Angelina and Lepore have some notable similarities, including an obvious attachment to the mysterious Marilyn Monroe, Amanda Lepore’s life as a nightlife queen and trans icon is a little more open thanks to her 2017 memoir, “Doll Parts.”

The dramatized narration of Amanda Lepore’s story would provide additional transgender representation and give an exciting trip to the underground club scene of New York in the 1990s. Fans of Lepore would be interested to see how she makes her creative contribution to the biographical series, and could offer a look at how she created her magnetic stage image.

Dorothy Stratten

Dorothy Stratten, who is remembered mainly for her tragic end, became famous when she posed for spreads in Playboy magazine. Exposed to bad influences, Stratten married a man named Paul Snyder at a young age. Snyder eventually capitalized on Stratten’s success and then murdered his wife in cold blood because of her affair with film director Peter Bogdanovich.

Although Stratten was mistreated and eventually faced tragedy, pop culture fans would appreciate a deeper understanding of the starlet’s early life. Stratten’s story was previously dramatized in the 1983 film “Star 80,” but a brand new miniseries may offer a new narrative about a life too short.

Todd Fisher

Fans of the golden age of Hollywood know the stories of the legendary actress/singer Debbie Reynolds from “Singin’ in the Rain” and her daughter-the iconic actor/writer Carrie Fisher, who played Leia in “Star Wars”. Todd Fisher, the lesser-known of Reynolds’ children, had a childhood filled with ups and downs in his mother’s career and personal life.

Fisher’s 2018 memoir, “My Girls: Life with Carrie and Debbie,” chronicles his family’s life, including his parents’ painful and public divorce after his father’s affair with Elizabeth Taylor. “My Girls” is filled with Todd Fisher’s immense adoration for his superstar mother and sister and proves that his youth was filled with glamorous Hollywood folklore.

Sachin Littlefeather

In 1973, Marlon Brando enlisted the help of actress and indigenous advocate Sachin Littlefeather to refuse the Academy Award, which he received for best Actor in The Godfather. Brando and Littlefeather wrote a rejection speech designed to shed light on the history of racism and the distortion of Native American interests in the film industry.