Angel Investor Explained: Why Is Bitcoin Important?


Angel investor Naval Ravikant made statements emphasizing the importance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in an interview. Naval Ravikant said that Bitcoin’s being a deflationary asset is very important in today’s economic conditions.

Angel investor, referring to the rising value of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in today’s conditions, stated that the invention of crypto money is very important for human history. In the news shared on the subject, it is mentioned that cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular due to the pandemic effect and the Bitcoin price has gone through a very volatile period. It is stated that the importance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has become more talked about, especially as the digital central bank money studies accelerate.

Ravikant: “Crypto Money is One of the Most Important Inventions in Human History”

Naval Ravikant, an angel investor of companies such as Uber, Twitter and Notion, explained in an interview with Tim Ferris that crypto money is one of the best inventions in human history. Twitter user @Anilsaidso shared some of Ravikant’s speeches. Some of the sentences are as follows:

“I think cryptocurrencies are probably one of the greatest inventions in human history, and the reason they’re interesting is because if you look at the tech industry, technology operates in unregulated fields. You turn to technology to create new things because the only area where there is no intervention and regulation, but also maximum creativity, is technology. ”

“Crypto money; it is a digital frontier created in this new world where all physical boundaries are closed, the wild west has been tamed and colonized. ”
Ravikant also touched on the events happening in American politics this year and inflationary policies. The investor argued that cryptocurrencies are an asset that protects against inflation risk.

Other Experts Emphasizing the Importance of Bitcoin

Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital and one of the former Facebook executives, made a statement saying that owning Bitcoin is absolutely crucial. Palihapitiya stated that if the conditions allow, Bitcoin could reach $ 1,000,000.

Raoul Pal had previously announced that Bitcoin has a protective effect against inflation. Pal said the Fed had zero tolerance for deflation and would do anything to prevent it. This means the rise of gold and Bitcoin for Pal.


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