Anfisa agreed with TLC about another 90-day appearance of the groom


The former star of the “90-day groom” Anfisa Arkhipchenko recently said that she was in talks with the TLC network to appear in the show again, but nothing came of it. Viewers may remember that the 26-year-old reality TV star first appeared in the fourth season with her American beau Jorge Nava. The couple had an awkward relationship in the series that was more about ulterior motives than building true love. While Anfisa was chasing her ex-boyfriend’s money, Jorge was in a relationship because of the attractive appearance of his Russian bride. Since the couple never shared true feelings for each other, their marriage broke up, which led to a divorce.

Since then, Anfisa has left Jorge and achieved a lot in her life. She started by working hard at the gym and became a weightlifter. Soon after, she became a certified fitness instructor and graduated from business school. The Russian native has also made a wonderful career as an influencer and adult star, launching her own wellness app to help those in need. In July 2022, Anfisa celebrated another important milestone by obtaining US citizenship, and most fans agreed that she deserved it.

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Anfisa, a graduate of 90 Day Fiancé, recently communicated with her fans during a Q&A on Instagram. A curious fan asked her if she would be on the “90th day in the future.” Anfisa wrote: “I don’t think so,” stating that she was “negotiating” with the TLC team. She then revealed that the network had offered her the role, but she didn’t see it as a “big benefit.” Anfisa also stated that she wants to keep some parts of her life “personal”, and added that at the moment she is much happier creating her unedited content on social networks.

Q&A is not the first time Anfisa talks about a new appearance in the famous reality show franchise. In 2021, she shared a stunning photo of herself in a racy outfit. In the comments, she answered many of her fans, including the one who asked her if she was ready to return to the popular spin-off “90 Day: The Single Life». Anfisa shared that she has no problems returning to the show if she is “paid enough.” Since the former participant of the series “90-day groom” is a business woman, it is understandable why she is chasing lucrative opportunities, especially when it is connected with the display of her personal life on television.

Fans are still fascinated by Anfisa for various reasons. In the past, viewers have called her a money hunter for her money-oriented thinking. However, her hard work and inspiring personality have won many new followers. In addition, people still enjoy Anfisa’s last appearance in the series because of her dramatic outbursts and memorable witticisms. Therefore, there is no doubt that fans want to see her on television again for entertainment purposes. As for Anfisa, she seems to be open, as long as the price is suitable. Perhaps the producers of “90 Day Fiancé” will be able to offer her a better deal.


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