Andy’s actress talked about the fourth season of the series.


The ABC network is scheduled to premiere on November 12, season 4 of the firefighting drama series Station 19, through a 3-hour crossover event with its sister series Grey’s Anatomy.

After the long wait, finally the new installment of Station 19 will hit the screens of the fans. Recall that the production of season 4 of the firefighting drama was halted in March as a result of the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the crew and cast of Station 19 returned to the film set in early September, in order to shoot scenes for the next episodes of the new season.

Undoubtedly Station 19 prepared a shocking premiere loaded with much drama and despair, as shown by the promotional trailer of the event crossed with Grey’s Anatomy.

Now, Station 19 main star Jaina Lee Ortiz has revealed exclusively to TV Line that the first premiere episodes will be “Mind-blowing and awesome.” In the interview, when asked about how she appeared from Andy’s late mother last season, the actress said the following:

“Everybody wants answers. You will definitely get the answers at the premiere, I guarantee it. They may not be what you expect, but it will definitely be something huge and dramatic and obviously very traumatic because [Elena’s “resurrection” is not] the only … elephant in the room. COVID-19 is a big part of the story. ”

Another problem that will reflect the premiere of season 4 of Station 19, in addition to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the sudden appearance of Andy’s late mother, is Robert Sullivan’s relapse into drug addiction. In the same interview, actor Boris Kodjoe explained something about it:

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“Robert’s problem will just add to the challenges they both face without giving up their love, which I think is the interesting part of their relationship. They are not willing to walk away, no matter what is going on, which is really the very definition. of unconditional love “.


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