Andy Serkis From Andor Hints at The Importance of The Parts That Prisoners Make


We are going to tell you the details about this season of Andor, so if you are not aware of the series and do not want to spoiler, read one of our other articles.

During a three-part arc set in Narkin 5 prison, Kino Loy (the brilliant Andy Serkis) dictates the pace to his cellmates as they compete with other teams of prisoners in the workshop building… something. We were so focused on the plight of Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) in prison and the possibility that he could convince Loy to return to his humanity and side with the rebellion, we never stopped long enough to ask what the prisoners were building and how it could be used. But we had some ideas, and during a recent conversation with Serkis, we voiced them and received an interesting answer.

Andor's Prisoners Were Building Something 'Hugely' Significant to Star Wars

While in episodes 9 and 10 of Andor, the Imperial Security Bureau shook trees in search of Cassian, and Princess Leia included Easter eggs in the interrogation scene of Bix (Adria Archon), the scenes in the prison were full of tension, as Andor participated in the spark of a riot that could free him. The arc went through some of the most important Andorean things that “Star Wars” fans should know, and raised a serious question about what is being done in Narkina 5 prison. So we asked Serkis if these were really parts of the Death Star… which should be under construction at this time if you watch the Star Wars movies in order. And he told us:

Well, without giving anything away, I think absolutely… obviously, the prisoners, cellmates, have absolutely no idea what they are doing. But I think that for the discerning eye there is a high probability that they can be used for some nefarious activity.

Looking through the timeline of “Star Wars” in your head, it is unlikely that the parts assembled in “Narkin 5” are intended for the “Death Star”. Andor should be a prequel to Rogue One: Star Wars. The plot of “Rogue One” is connected with the fact that rebel spies receive blueprints of the Empire’s weapons. Could they be building this huge monster at this moment too?

The Death Star has been mentioned in many Star Wars films, including Star Wars: Rebels and Clone Wars. You know he can still be an important part of Andor, especially because the amazing Star Wars series is getting a second season. We expect the second season of Andor to take us straight to the first scene with Cassian in Rogue One, unless the creative team has something else hidden up their rebellious sleeves. We’ll find out soon enough, as long as you keep it locked on Disney+(opens in new tab) every week.


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