Andy Reid spoke about the expectations of the starters in the first preseason game


The Kansas City Chiefs will begin their preseason this Saturday with a game against the Chicago Bears. But how much playing time will the starters get?

If head coach Andy Reid gets his way, quite a lot. Speaking to the media on Thursday, Reid said his players in the starting lineup will play the first quarter against the Bears.

Whether Reed will stick to that amount remains to be seen. But that should mean three to four complete series on both sides of the ball.

This is significantly more playing time than many other teams give their starting players. Some plan to use their first team for only one series before sending a reserve.

This decision is probably welcomed by Chiefs defenseman Patrick Mahomes. This week, the 2018 NFL MVP said he wouldn’t mind getting at least one kick to wake up before the start of the season.

Chiefs fans, on the other hand, probably want their core players in danger a little less.

There have already been several injuries among big-name NFL players this offseason. They don’t want any of their starting players-least of all Mahomes—to get hurt at the altar of a pointless exhibition game.

How much time do you think the Chiefs starting lineups should spend on the field in the game against the Bears?


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