Andy Cohen welcomes second child from surrogate mother, says son Benjamin “can’t wait” to meet his younger sister


Another cutie for Andy Cohen! The Bravo personality welcomed her second child from a surrogate mother on Friday, April 29.

“HERE’S LUCY!!!!! Meet my daughter, Lucy Eve Cohen!” the 53—year-old talk show host wrote on Instagram.

According to Cohen, the girl was born in New York at 17:13 and weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces.

“Her older brother can’t wait to meet her!” he added. “Thanks to my rock star surrogate (by the way, ALL surrogates are rock stars) and to everyone who helped to realize this miracle. I am very happy.”

The host of “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” became a father for the first time in February 2019, when his three-year-old boy Benjamin was born with the help of a gestational carrier.

“WOW! This is my son,” the Missouri native wrote on Instagram at the time. “It’s named after my grandfather Ben Allen. I’m in love. And silent. And I am eternally grateful to the incredible surrogate. And I’m Dad. Wow.”

The upload to social networks occurred two months after the author of “The Most Talkative” told his viewers about his plans to start a family.

“After many years of careful reflection, a fair amount of prayer and the benefits of science, if everything goes according to plan, in about six weeks I will become a father thanks to a wonderful surrogate mother who is carrying my future. “, — said the host of Radio Andy in December 2018. “Family means everything to me, and having a family is what I’ve wanted in my heart all my life, and even though it took me longer than most to achieve it. I can’t wait for what I think will be the most useful chapter.”

The Emmy Award winner’s baby has dated many of Cohen’s celebrities over the years, from Kelly Ripa to Anderson Cooper.

The 54-year-old anchor Anderson Cooper 360 contacted his longtime friend over fatherhood, as the New York native welcomed two-month-old sons Vyatt and Sebastian in April 2020 and February 2022, respectively.

“He actually really helped me because my son is fully dressed in Andy Cohen’s son’s worn underwear,” Cooper told Stephen Colbert after the birth of his eldest child. “I am cheap by nature, I like good value for money… and, above all, this is a pandemic. I was planning to go shopping, which I hate to do, and then, for example, in online stores, how do you do it with children’s clothes? I don’t know, it just seemed strange. So, yeah, he just gave me all the clothes.”

The author of Rainbow Comes and Goes noted at the time that Cohen was “cheering” him “all the time,” saying, “I thought, you know, if he could do it, it would give me one last push. …His baby is amazing. Benjamin is incredible.”

The 60 Minutes correspondent, who is raising her boys with ex Benjamin Maisani, has repeatedly photographed her toddlers playing with Cohen’s son.