Andy Cohen accidentally revealed that Kyle Richards shrunk her breasts on live TV: watch her reaction!


Spill too much tea. Andy Cohen accidentally announced that Kyle Richards recently had breast reduction surgery, and for the first time shared this news live.

“How is breast reduction surgery going?” 54-year-old Cohen asked the 53-year-old star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on Wednesday, June 15, in the issue of “Watch what Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

“Well, thanks for letting everyone know, Andy,” Richards replied. “Thank you.” The author of the “Bravo Diaries” began to apologize, explaining that, in his opinion, she had already spoken publicly about the procedure. “I write to Andy all the time and I just want to say this, I’ve never told anyone.” After Cohen apologized again for inadvertently blabbing, the “Halloween Kills” actress assured him that she wasn’t upset because “she can’t keep secrets about herself.”

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Richards continued, “I had breast reduction surgery. I’ve never had implants, [but] I’ve had double D. … I came in and said: “I want smaller tits. I never want to wear a bra again in my life.” And here I am.”

Adding that the surgery was performed just “three weeks ago,” the Little House on the Prairie alum explained that she always wants to be upfront with fans about any plastic surgery she has done over the years. “I’ve never lied about what I’ve done, and I never will,” Richards explained. “[People] think I’ve made my face, I’ve done it, [but] I really haven’t. I’ll tell you everything.”

After another apology from Cohen , she joked: “It’s all right. I can’t wait to share other things with you tomorrow.”

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Richards spoke about her other procedure in November 2020, when she revealed that she had had surgery on her nose. “Since many of you have been thinking about what I did or didn’t do with my face… here is your answer. I cured my nose,” she wrote in her Instagram story at the time, adding that she first went under the knife to eliminate the discomfort she felt after breaking her nose a year earlier. “I broke it last September and the protruding bone bothered me. So I fixed the bone, eliminated breathing problems and improved the upper part.”

She continued, “I will always tell you guys the truth. Although I think some of the comments on my posts are funny.”

The California native also shared photos from different stages of her recovery, answering questions from her fans about the procedure. “For me personally, it didn’t hurt at all,” Richards admitted. “I discreetly enjoyed my vacation and watched movies, which I have never done. I stayed at home for 5 days.” While her husband Mauricio Umanski was “nervous because I don’t look like myself,” she added that “even he is happy with the result.”

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This surgery was actually her second nose job since she went under the knife for the first time in 2006. “My nose has been bothering me for a long time,” she told Us Weekly in March 2013. “I felt better after the operation.” In 2012, she also had liposuction, telling us: “After the birth of four children, no matter what exercises I did, the handles of love did not disappear! I am very pleased with the results!”