Androids That Conquered Our Human Hearts


Androids: Is it possible to love a machine? These automata made in the image and likeness of humans wowed gamers Science fiction allows us to fantasize about all the possible futures that technological progress brings into our lives. As a reflection of what may happen to us in a few years, cyberpunk shows us dystopias in which corporations rule our society, while transhumanism challenges the limits of the human body. We have imagined what it would be like to have our own flying car, meet civilizations on other planets … and we have also asked ourselves questions that could be on the table in a few years. Does an artificial being have a life of its own? The presence of androids in science fiction works makes us ask questions about what identity is and what separates the human being from a sentient machine. Today at MeriStation we commemorate androids who conquered our hearts through the video game.

At times, there is quite a bit of confusion about the differences between an android and a cyborg. The RAE defines the first as “an automaton in human form”, while the second is a “Being formed by living matter and electronic devices”. In this report we will focus solely on androids, although we have cyborgs as memorable as C17 and C18 in Dragon Ball. It is also worth mentioning artificial intelligences that have been a milestone in the history of video games and in their narrative, such as GLaDOS, but there will be an opportunity to talk about them at another time.

Megaman, Capcom’s mascot

You cannot write a piece about video game androids without mentioning one of the most significant icons of video game culture. Mega Man, the multi-weapon, blue-armored hero is one of the most recognizable figures in our midst and one of Capcom’s greatest emblems. “The Mega Man series, along with Street Fighter, is the very foundation on which Capcom was built,” declares Todd Thorson, the studio’s marketing director, in a RetroFaction report on the creation of Mega Man. In Capcom’s history, there has always been a Mega Man title as part of their projects. No character has been so long-lived ”.


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