Android will have heart emojis hurt and on fire in 2021


Google recently unveiled some of the new emojis that are expected to be implemented on Android in 2021, including a burning heart. The company released a preview of the reactions that will enter the system with the Unicode 13.1 update, which is not yet finalized.

The Android owner revealed that she already has the design prepared for five of the new emojis present in Unicode 13.1. The new reactions with faces include a face between the clouds, releasing the air and with spiral eyes.

Google also showed that two new hearts are coming for the Android sticker pack, covering two opposites of feelings: one of them is bruised and bandaged, while the other is on fire.

More Unicode 13.1 news

In addition to the emojis above, the Unicode 13.1 package has other new features that will be available on smartphone keyboards in the future. The update promises to bring new reactions, more skin tones and diversity options on the stickers.

In all, users can expect more than 200 changes to the emoji package. The novelties include a face with a beard, new couples options and also a kiss, as shown in the image above, from 9to5Google.

Unicode is still working to close the 13.1 emojis package, but it is now possible to view the draft of all the stickers that should be in the package on the Emojipedia website. The expectation is that the content will be finalized in October 2020 and start to appear in a comprehensive way from next year.

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