Android Will Gain Six New Features In The Coming Days


Android: Google this week announced six new features for Android that should be released in the coming weeks. The list ranges from interesting updates, but not so useful for Brazilians, such as a new earthquake warning system, to options that will be great for those who like to use the voice features of smartphones and Android Auto. Check out the full list.

Detection of Look at Voice Recognition

Voice Access, Google’s application that allows the manipulation of the screen by voice commands, has gained a new option that allows the detection of the user’s eyes to confirm whether he is talking on a cell phone or not.

The feature will be great for filtering out unintentional actions and is now available in beta version. In addition, the application now knows when the user is trying to dictate a password and words like “dollar” or “asterisk” will be associated with the symbols, making writing easier and increasing user security. The update is now available in beta mode.

Quick Google Assistant with new shortcuts

Google Assistant now lets you create shortcuts to open and use third-party applications with just a voice command. Android’s YouTube channel has posted a video illustrating the functionality.

You can, for example, buy something on Ebay using just speech, or check metrics on Strava — exercise app. Unfortunately, the video illustrates few examples, but it says the feature will work with the 30 most popular apps on the Play Store, such as YouTube, TikTok and Amazon. The novelty was already announced last year, but now it is finally coming out of the testing period.


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