Android Will Allow Google’s Rivals To See The Default Search Engine


Android: Google announced a new measure in the configuration of new Android devices. The change, however, is valid only for Europe – a region that imposed a record fine against the company in 2018 for practices considered to be anti-competitive in the market.

The change concerns the “Choice Screen”, or “Choice Screen”, a personalization window for those who activate a smartphone for the first time.

Here, the user can choose which will be the default search engine from the text box displayed on the device, selecting between Google and competitors such as Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

The difference, however, is that until now these rivals could only appear in the list upon payment of a fee, which was defined in the form of an auction and with only the highest bids resulting in the inclusion of the names.

The value was eliminated spontaneously by the company and after several conversations with regulatory bodies, and the giant has also promised to increase the offer of available search engines. The measures start to take effect in September and, for the time being, remain restricted to the European market.

Google was recently fined again on the mainland, this time by the French Competition Authority for “abuse of leadership in advertising practices”.