Android VPN are hacked and user data falls on the network

Three free VPN services for Android have had their systems hacked, and data from 21 million users is for sale in a hacker forum due to the incident. The affected applications, SuperVPN, GeckoVPN and ChatVPN, are among the most used protection services in the Robot system, with a high number of downloads. SuperVPN alone has 100 million installations on the Play Store.

The author of the post is selling three files with email address, user login, full name, randomly generated password strings, payment-related data, premium member status and their expiration date. With the information, potential buyers can classify users’ countries and identify their accounts on the Google Play app.

The hacker claims that the data was extracted from databases, which were left vulnerable by VPN providers. It is not the first time that SuperVPN has been invaded.

Protection system

When accessing the internet normally, all users are identified by IP, with the data traveling openly. A VPN offers encryption and sensitive browsing tools, making it possible for the user’s IP to not be easily identified on the internet. The service bars operators, governments and hackers. There are free and paid VPNs, and when choosing a service, you need to make sure that the system does not record your online activities. Otherwise, the information can be used against the user by attackers.



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