Android updates for Huawei may be terminated!


Problems between the United States and Huawei have not been on the agenda in recent years. The company, which has not been able to use Google services for a while, has a problem with the operating system this time. The license of the company that previously received a temporary license for the Android operating system has expired. Huawei may be over for Android updates.

Temporary license for Android by Huawei has expired

After the embargo for Google services, Huawei presented AppGallery to its users and made the counterparts of Google applications. The company that still takes development steps in this regard may now need to find a solution for the operating system.

Huawei hasn’t had a problem with Android updates so far. Because the firm had a temporary license, but this license expired on August 13th. The USA is not expected to be willing to extend this period. In this case, we can say that Huawei users are very likely not to receive new updates.

If we look at the company’s future plans in this regard, the Harmony OS operating system is the first point to be mentioned. The operating system, which has been developed by the company for a while, may meet with users this year. However, it is not known when the company will definitely release this operating system to consumers.

On the other hand, it is not known whether Huawei will take a step or take a step in updating for users with the current Android operating system.

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