Android TV is Updated and Gets Google TV Functions


Android TV: This Monday (19), Google began distributing new features for Android TV, its operating system for televisions. Now its interface is more complete and similar to its “brother system” Google TV, allowing users to create wish lists, make recommendation adjustments and access detail pages.

Much like Netflix, movies and series will have auto-play previews on their details page, displaying a trailer of the content to be watched. While promoting a more modern and pleasing look, the change can slow down older televisions. Fortunately, if necessary, you can disable it in your system settings.

If interested in a specific movie or series, users can now press the select button to add it to a list and watch it later. Alternatively, there is also a dedicated function button at the top of each title’s detail page, making the process easier. Saved items can be found in the “Discover” section.

The update brought a new rating engine to improve movie and series suggestions for users. To use it, just go to “Content Preferences” in the platform settings and browse the displayed titles — you can also access this tool directly from the tab in the “Discover” section. At the end of the process, the suggestion system will be updated.

According to Google, the new update is already being gradually distributed to compatible televisions.


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