Android TV 12 Is Now Available, But Only For Developers


Android TV: Almost two months after the arrival of the smartphone update, Android 12 has now been released for Smart TVs: the system has been incorporated into Android TV and also into the Google TV interface, already available on several televisions and also on Chromecast. However, despite the new version already being the stable and finalized platform, for now the novelty is still restricted to developers.

At least temporarily, the update is only possible through the ADT-3, Google’s own transmission device used by app developers for the operating system. There is still no forecast for compatible Chromecasts and televisions to receive the news, but the date is now at least close.

According to the company, the limited release gives developers time to take advantage of the new Android TV 12 and also adapt their apps to the Google TV smart interface.

What has changed?

Android TV 12 highlights the improved user interface, which gets full support for 4K resolution. In addition, new privacy features have been added, including indicators on camera and microphone activation, with the ability to turn them off at any time.

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The version also features new accessibility mechanisms for changing font sizes, support for the HDMI CEC 2.0 standard, and the use of a blurry effect at the bottom of the screen when you’re navigating through the interface’s menus.

The full list of changes can be found on the Android 12 development page.