Android system WebView: what is it and what is it for?


Android has a series of tools developed by Google itself that do not work directly on mobile devices, but are behind the scenes performing functions that allow better use of the mobile operating system.

One of them is WebView, a feature that is very useful for your navigation and that improves the possibilities of applications. However, it can also arouse the user’s fury if it malfunctions.

What is WebView for?

WebView is a tool that allows the display of web content within applications. This is a personalized feature that delivers the content of a page or service on Android in the best possible way, without changing the browsing experience.

This means that it is possible to load elements of a page embedded in the tool’s own interface, without having to direct the user to the browser or radically change the interface.

Developers use WebView as this “emulation” of a simplified and reliable browser, with several famous examples of those who use this alternative.

Social networks like Instagram and news feed tools or podcasts, for example, use WebView to load pages and display content in the application itself.

Can I uninstall WebView?

As it is responsible for the correct functioning of applications that have integration with online content, the WebView of the Android system is an important feature that must be kept activated, in addition to being updated frequently.

However, it can also cause some problems: the recent flaw that caused Android apps from various manufacturers to crash possibly was caused by some incompatibility in WebView.

Not all Android smartphones use WebView actively: each partner manufacturer chooses whether to adopt the tool or load application content from Google Chrome itself, which is the system’s default browser.


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