Android: SMS App Will Automatically Delete Messages


Android: The Google Messaging app will gain improvements that promise to improve SMS organization on Android. According to XDA Developers, the platform will automatically delete messages that have already been used and will receive a new way of viewing content.

According to screenshots shared by Mishaal Rahman, editor of the website, the app will gain the option to automatically exclude SMS from verification codes and passwords, which are normally used to login to online services. As the messages become useless after use, the novelty promises to make the display of content cleaner.

According to the images, the application will delete One Time Password (OTP) messages after 24 hours. If the user wants to keep the SMS on the device, it will be possible to disable the option in the settings.

New delivery method

In addition to automatically clearing messages, the Google app will also receive a function to display important messages first. The user will be able to choose an SMS category to appear with priority in the interface.

The screen shot shared by the XDA editor shows which categories are available in the current version of the organization feature. The application will allow giving priority to personal messages, bank transactions, OTPs or offers. If the user wants the standard view, just choose the “All” alternative.

The new features of Google Messaging have already started to be released for users on Android. However, distribution is occurring to a limited extent, according to XDA Developers.

While some users have reported that they have been using the news for weeks, the feature still does not appear to have been widely released in Brazil. To check if you have been awarded the tools, simply download the latest version of Google Messages from the Play Store and access the application settings.


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