Android safer and full of news: what comes to the OS


This Tuesday (23), Google released a material in which highlights the arrival of several improvements to its operating system for mobile devices, Android, which, according to the company is more secure and intuitive for all audiences than the use. In total, six platform differentials were highlighted.

One of them is Password Checkup, a tool present on devices with Android 9 or higher. Through it, you can find out if passwords saved in a Google account have ever been exposed.

According to the company, the OS, in addition to facilitating access to services in which credentials are registered with automatic completion, checks them against a list of compromised information. In case of problems, it issues an alert and guides how the user can change the data.

Another new feature is the scheduled sending of text messages, which begins to appear on phones with Android 7 or later. “Just write your message as you normally would, and then press and hold the send button to select a date and time to deliver it,” explains Google.

“Every month, more than half a billion people worldwide rely on the Messages app to connect continuously and securely with family, friends and others”, he adds.

TalkBack was not left out, indicated “to those who are blind or have trouble seeing screens.” In its latest version, it brings “more intuitive gestures, a unified menu, a new reading control menu and much more”, the result of a close collaboration between the visually impaired communities and the teams that developed it.

Convenience and customization

In addition to the news already mentioned, changes in Google Assistant have made it more responsive even when the smartphone is locked or “across the room”, the company defends, simply by saying “Ok, Google, set an alarm” or “Ok , Google, play pop music on Spotify “for everything to happen as expected, exemplifies.

In the field of automobiles, personalization and fun are guaranteed by Android Auto, with exclusive wallpapers and voice-activated games, ideal for longer trips. Unpublished shortcuts on the startup screen, in turn, provide “convenient access to your contacts and even allow you to use the Assistant to complete tasks,” says the company, citing remote thermostat setting “with a simple touch of the icon on the screen. car.”

Division of larger screens in Google Maps and media controls, as well as privacy definition, are part of the package, available in the coming days for Android 6 or higher connected to compatible cars.

Finally, speaking of Google Maps, soon everyone will be able to adhere to the app’s dark theme, and the company invites users who want to avoid eyestrain to join the “dark side of the force.”

Accessing it will be simple, since it will appear in the solution settings, as well as switching between the desired appearances, specifies Google.


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