Android Ruby Alpha Baseada Android 11


Considered one of the main custom ROMs available on the market, Paranoid Android officially confirmed this week the availability of Alphas based on Android 11 for OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 8T and Xiaomi Mi A3.

Called the Paranoid Android Ruby Alpha, the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro already receive the Alpha 2 from the system, while the OnePlus 8T and Xiaomi Mi A3 gain support through Alpha 1, which means that they are at an early stage.

Among the confirmed information for the Paranoid Android Ruby Alpha, we have the revelation that it brings wallpapers designed in collaboration with Hampus Olsson, which are made available within the Abstruct application and some changes to the interface, in order to improve the user experience.

Obviously, a point that is always worth remembering is that the distributions are still in Alpha, which means that these distributions may have bugs that make it more difficult to use in a daily-use device, so careful observation of reports and list of bugs cited in official publications.

If you own one of the devices mentioned here as benefiting from the update and want to download and install the new custom ROM, just access the specific link (below).

However, it is worth remembering that the procedure for installing a custom ROM is considered an advanced procedure and is not recommended for users who are not willing to experience instability, and TudoCelular is not responsible for possible problems caused by the procedure in question.


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