Android receives native caller ID on your dialer


To prevent users from receiving calls and not recognizing their origins, Google announced the implementation of a caller ID for Android. According to the company, the solution also aims to solve a major problem related to scams and prevent scams from occurring, citing a report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), whose data shows that, in 2019, the main way for people to be contacted by scammers was just that.

The feature will be part, natively, of the dialing application of the operating system itself, showing the name of the person responsible for the call, therefore, the reason for the contact and a verification symbol, if the company has been approved by the search giant. In addition, Google points out that it does not collect or store any personal data about the business after the analysis is completed.

“We have been testing the call verifier for a few months. Initial results indicated that the launch improves the likelihood of someone answering a call. In this way, we help to reduce the costs of companies with these processes, as we identify relevant calls to users in a way reliable “, he declares.

“For example, banks trying to talk to their customers about potentially fraudulent transactions may have better responses if they display the reason for contact. Those who manage delivery solutions or logistical procedures can do the same to make sure that their customers are available to receive their orders. orders. ”

For all audiences

According to the same report cited by the FTC, Google says, although there are those who do not even accept calls, those who fall for scams lose, on average, a thousand dollars – both being negative situations, both for reputable companies and for victims. Therefore, from the launch of the SMS checker last year, it was found that the measure is beneficial for all audiences.

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“A study in the United States and Brazil showed that the solution for text messages increases consumer confidence, in addition to increasing the performance of metrics of likelihood of purchase, satisfaction with the brand and recommendations”, he stresses.

Brazil, United States, Mexico, Spain and India are the first to receive the call verifier. More countries are on the way, the company says.


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