Android phones lost 2 times more value than iPhones


After the first year of use, Android phones lose 2x more value than iPhones, according to a report by BankMyCell, a website that tracks smartphone exchange prices. With data referring to 2020, the document reveals that top-of-the-line cell phones depreciate 33.62%, against 16.70% of Apple models.

Considering this proportion, if the user has used an Android phone for two years and, at the end of that period, wants to sell it, the device will be worth 61.50% less than the initial price. But, if he has an iPhone, the devaluation will be only 35.70%. Below, it is possible to check a more detailed projection:

Galaxy S20 vs. iPhone 11: which is worth more?

The BankMyCell report even compared the two most popular high-end mobile phones of 2020: the Galaxy S20 and the iPhone 11. To do so, the site analyzed the US market for 9 months. Check out the results below:

Smartphone Galaxy S20 (-34.78%) and iPhone 11 (-12.84%);
Galaxy S20 + (-30.59%) and iPhone 11 Pro (-21.31%);
Galaxy S20 Ultra (-36.30%) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (-15.96%).

Depreciation of other models

In addition to the previous analysis, the report also revealed the devaluation of other models, such as Google’s Pixel phones, which lose about 38.46% of their value in one year. The Pixel 4 runs away from that line, presenting a more pessimistic scenario, with – 40.56%. Models from Sony, Motorola and HTC also appeared in the study, but with the worst performances: 39.51%, 42.57% and 53.08%, respectively.

This devaluation, it should be noted, is not random. In fact, it is connected to several reasons, such as the availability of software updates, the longevity and performance of the hardware. In this sense, in addition to presenting quality hardware, iPhones still receive software updates for several years – which is not always the case with Android models.

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