Android phones have Close Sharing


One of the features that all mobile phones have is the ability to send files. Bluetooth has always been a good alternative beyond infrared, but having a native feature of Google’s operating system was almost a priority. Finally, the long wait for all users has resulted in Nearby Sharing, the new Android feature for sharing data.

Nearby Sharing is now available on Android

One of the functions that Apple users enjoy among themselves is the famous AirDrop. It is a system for sending data between nearby devices as long as they have an iOS or iPadOS system. Until now, users of the bitten apple competition had to use other transfer methods such as messaging apps, but this will be in the past very soon.

It turns out that Nearby Sharing has finally arrived on Android devices. It is a function similar to the one we mentioned before: the ability of any Android device to send a file to another of the signature whenever they are nearby. For this, it can be done in two ways, both online and offline. The first requires that these two devices are on the same WiFi network, while the second requires that Bluetooth be active during shipping.

Using it is very simple as seen in the demo video of the American firm: first choose the file to send, click on the share option, find the users with a Google account who are connected within your range and send it. Once the file has been sent or received you will have a notification and then you can open it with the corresponding app. The latter is important, since you can send from photos, through PDF files or even addresses that can be opened in Google Maps.

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Available from Android 6.0

Another interesting point of Nearby Sharing is that the function is encrypted from point to point, so that no one will be able to intercept the file you send. You can also configure the function to your liking so that your terminal is more or less visible when someone shares data. So you can select to only be seen by your friends or by everyone connected.

Only two last notes: the first is that the speed varies not only due to the weight of the data, but also to the use of the medium since it will be faster through WiFi. The other point is that this function will be available for devices that use Android 6.0 onwards.


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