Android may gain feature against tracking just like iOS


Google may soon implement a mechanism that reduces user data tracking and browsing habits on Android. According to a report by Bloomberg, internal discussions currently taking place at the company suggest that the platform may soon gain an optional feature to limit data collection and sending this information to business partners.

The main obstacle of the moment would be to balance the data control function to the point of not financially harming Google itself, which relies heavily on an ad engine, nor to displease allied developers, who depend on this information to display specific and personalized ads. At the same time, according to a company spokesman, a “healthy and private ecosystem” is the company’s ultimate goal.

Apple in front

A similar version of the feature will already be initially adopted by Apple in the future iOS 14.5 in a more intense way – which caused the ire of companies that will be harmed by having less data about users, as is the case of Facebook.