Android Is The ‘Darling’ Of Developers, Explains Positivo


Android is the most prevalent operating system on Brazilian smartphones. According to the survey “The Brazilian and his smartphone”, released in July 2021 by Mobile Time, the operating system is present in 85% of cell phones in the country. But what makes the system popular?

The Brazilian brand has been working with Android for ten years and one of the directors says he considers Google’s software to be a “trend”. He points out that the platform has practically no barriers, which makes it excellent for developing its own solutions.

“The ease of developing for Android is unparalleled. Our developers, including freelancers, talk to us daily about this reality and why we encourage this work with them. And having this knowledge with the platform generates new business opportunities, such as the machines payment that we developed”, says Guilherme Ravagnani, director of software development and payment methods at Positivo Tecnologia.

Ravagnani points out that the difficulty with iOS starts at the point where the developer needs to have a Mac to work with, which already makes the task more financially complicated. To give you an idea, the new MacBook Pro costs from R$ 27 thousand in Brazil, and can exceed R$ 70 thousand in “larger” versions.

The representative of Positivo argues that, in this sense, Android is much more accessible when compared to the rival and that, in addition, Google’s ecosystem is intuitive and receptive to changes.

“Besides it being free, being an open operating system, despite being supported by Google, the whole community can work on it in a solution that is free. In this sense, it is different from other operating systems like Windows, which despite being very strong in the market too, it requires a paid license to develop in it,” he said.