Android gospel for Company of Heroes!


Company of Heroes, a real-time strategy game released for the PC in early 2006, has been available to iPad in recent months. Company of Heroes, which is anticipated for other mobile platforms after it is presented to users for iPad, is coming for Android and iPhones!

Company of Heroes is coming for Android and iPhones!
Company of Heroes, one of SEGA’s highly acclaimed strategy games by many critics, appeared in 2006 with the PC version. It was spoken not only by critics, but also by its popularity after many players became their favorite strategy game.

The game was expected for Android devices and iPhones, as it was launched for iPads earlier this year after 14 years. However, there have been claims that the game is not suitable for iPhones and that it will never be developed for Android.

Today, Feral Interactive, the studio responsible for moving the game to mobile devices, has confirmed that Company of Heroes will come to iPhone and Android this year. The announcement did not provide an exact release date, but an official announcement is expected shortly.

Company of Heroes will be a premium game on Android and iPhone, just like iPads. So those who want to play on their mobile devices will encounter a price tag on the average $ 14 band. The same price will be available for both Android and iOS versions, but those who have previously purchased the game on iPad will be able to install it on their iPhone for free.


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