Android Go camera app renewed with night mode


One of the best aspects of Google’s Pixel series phones is that it makes it possible to take higher quality photos than the hardware allows, thanks to its advanced camera software. Soon, there will be no need to use a Pixel series phone to take advantage of Google’s magic in cognitive photography. The camera app on Android Go phones gets night mode and HDR support.

Among these innovations, night mode will meet the users first. Night mode is already being deployed on models such as the Nokia 1.3, Wiko Y61 and Y81. This mode, which allows you to take pictures without flash, combines multiple frames and creates a bright and sharp picture.

The HDR feature will also take its place in the Camera Go application before the year ends. This feature is not expected to work as well as HDR + in Pixel series phones. After all, the Nokia 1.3’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 processor has only a simple digital signal processor.

Still, it’s not hard to see that this change to the Android Go camera app will satisfy Android Go owners. Accessing relatively advanced features at an affordable price is a satisfactory condition for many users.


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