Android copies iOS on the Bluetooth device pairing screen


The Fast Pair, a protocol used to facilitate the pairing of Bluetooth headsets with Android phones, gained a look that seems to have been inspired by the interface shown when connecting AirPods on iOS. The novelty comes through an update released by Google, recently.

According to 9to5Google, the change in the Android Fast Pair interface makes pairing easier and faster for users. The old standard notification with a thumbnail of the wireless device, displayed at the top of the screen, has been replaced by a pop-up that appears right after the smartphone identifies the accessory.

The window shows the image of the gadget that is trying to pair with the phone, its name and a button to make the connection. The user can continue configuring the handset after the procedure performed via Bluetooth or close the notification with a simple touch on the screen.

This new design of the Bluetooth device pairing protocol on Android was unveiled in November, unobtrusively, and now begins to reach compatible models through an update. Launched in 2017, the Fast Pair tool has already gained several improvements, but it is the first time that it receives a different look.

Similar notifications

In addition to Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung also bring notifications similar to what Google is now adding on Android. In the case of Xiaomi, the MIUI interface displays an alert on the screen when it detects the opening of a Bluetooth phone case nearby, leading to configuration.

On the models of the South Korean manufacturer, the One UI displays the notification window when the user opens the Galaxy Buds phone case, showing information such as the accessory’s battery level and other details. The same is true with FreeBuds and Huawei phones.

The Fast Pair update also brings the battery status of the headphones, customization option and other improvements, depending on the paired device.


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