Android: Bug Prevents Emergency Calls On Google Phones


Android: A few weeks ago, smartphones from the Pixel series began to experience problems related to Google Assistant. But it seems that the flaws are not over: Google has confirmed that some devices on the line are preventing users from calling the US emergency number.

The first report of the problem was revealed by user KitchenPictures5849 on a Reddit forum, stating that a bug was preventing the user from making calls to “911” — the problem is that the fault kept persisting whenever he tried to make calls to the number of emergency.

Google confirmed the problem

“We believe the issue is only present on a small number of devices with the Microsoft Teams app installed when the user is not logged in, and we are currently aware of only one user report related to this bug occurring,” a spokesperson revealed. Of google. “We determined that the issue was being caused by unintended interaction between the Microsoft Teams app and the underlying Android OS.”

That is, as revealed by Google, the flaw is only related to Pixel devices with Android 10 or higher and the Teams app installed. The company even revealed that an update for the Microsoft application is expected to be available soon to fix the bug.

To help resolve the issue, Google advised users to uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Teams app. This should solve the problem for those who are experiencing the situation, but the company said the bug will be fixed soon.

Although the flaw is related to Microsoft Teams and Android, only a few users of Pixel devices have confirmed the error so far. So the trend is that the problem doesn’t bother a large number of operating system users.