Android Boss Wants To Integrate Apple’s RCS And iMessage Messages


iMessage: Google has been trying to create general adoption of the RCS (Rich Communications Services) protocol for some time now, but not everyone is familiar with the technology. Basically, the service is a more complete version of SMS, sending photos, videos, notes and more.

The company already counts more than 88 phone carriers that support the new standard, however, consumers still cannot use it on the iPhone. In other words, no matter how much the operator uses RCS, if a user sends a message to an Apple smartphone, the owner of that device will not receive it.

RCS on Apple and iMessage on Android?

Last week, Android Senior Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer gave Apple a stab by posting on Twitter that he’s willing to help those who don’t already have the RCS feature – in the message, he was referring to Apple and inviting a to chat with Google about the messaging functionality.

WhatsApp is not a very popular app there in the US and millions of users still use SMS or iMessage services. However, a big problem is that only Apple devices can communicate via iMessage, so thousands of people are requesting that the app be launched for Android as well.

The RCS protocol is already working in Brazil with the main operators, including Claro, Oi, Tim and Vivo. The technology, which arrived here in 2019, is already available in the main messaging apps for Android, including Google’s own native solution.


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