Android, biometrics to autofill the password


The automatic filling of passwords on Android will be more secure. Google has begun to release, for some users, an option that now requires confirmation of identity through biometrics to access the resource. The novelty was revealed by Android Police.

According to the publication, an update on Google Play Services brought the new tool. When activated, it only fills in the passwords saved in your Google account after verifying the identity, which can be done through fingerprint or facial recognition, depending on the device.

Before that, there was no requirement to use the function. If someone had access to your unlocked cell phone, for example, they could be able to join any service whose password was saved in the search giant’s manager, simply by activating the system’s automatic completion.

With this new requirement, shown in the video above with facial recognition unlocking to open Instagram, an extra barrier is created to prevent unauthorized access to email accounts, social media profiles and streaming services, among other platforms online, making it difficult for eavesdroppers.

When it will be available?

According to the vehicle, the biometrics requirement to release password autocompletion on Android is available in the latest version of Google Play Services, but not all users already have access to it.

One way to find out if it is available on your phone or tablet is to open system settings. In the “Google” option, touch “Autofill” and then “Autofill with Google”. If there is the alternative “Security in automatic filling”, it has already arrived at the device and can be activated.

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This function was discovered by XDA at the beginning of the year, but was not yet released. For now, Google has not given further details about its launch.


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