Android benefits not available on the iOS side


Comparisons have been made between Android and iOS for many years. Android attracts attention with its diversity and gathering different brands under one roof. On the other hand, iOS generally stands out as it offers a more stable experience. So, what are the Android advantages that are not available on the iOS side?

Android benefits not available on the iOS side

Both operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. While Android enthusiasts boast about their freedom, iOS users boast that they have a stable experience on the software side and with phones that receive updates for a long time.

On one side is Android that has been developed for years. Smartphone models of many technology giants such as Samsung, Huawei (Android has been used for many years, although it is not used now), Xiaomi, Oppo and many similar technology giants reach millions of people with Android.

iOS tarafında bulunmayan Android avantajları

Android users also have some trump cards compared to iOS. Android users have had some new features with iOS 14 for many years. Here are some features specific to Android users that make them advantageous:

Android advantages not available on the iOS side: The biggest advantages in brief

One of the most important advantages of Android is that it is more customizable. In the Android operating system, which can change almost everything, users can even change the theme whenever they want. Music can be downloaded easily and transferring files is easy. Compared to iOS, any application can be easily made on Android without any review process. Although this creates some security problems, the possibility of reaching millions of people is impressive.

On the Android operating system, it is possible to use a different application for SMS compared to iOS, while being open source makes things easier. Since it is less costly on the application side, paid applications on the iOS side can be offered free of charge on Android. Even though they are the same in some applications, there can be big differences even in in-app purchases.

New versions for Android have support for saving RAW images, as well as built-in beta tests and progressive rollouts for Android users. 15 GB of free space is offered on the Google cloud storage side.

You can see the clock on the screen when you press the lock button on devices with both Android and iOS operating systems. In addition, many Android phones have customizable clock faces and some phones have direct sensors. In this way, even if you do not automatically turn on the screen, you can see the clock on the screen.

While Android and iOS compete on the camera side, a handful of phones on the Android side make it possible to take great photos and videos. When it comes to editing them, it is not difficult to find a great and free photo editing app. And of course Google Photos offers free storage space.

Android maintains the advantage of setting the default application, which has been one of the biggest trumps against iOS for years. On the other hand, we come across multitasking / split screen feature.

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IOS benefits not available on Android

Technically, although iOS supports multitasking. It is not that efficient because the split-screen feature is only available for iPad users, so unfortunately it is not on the iPhone side. On the other hand, most Android phones come with split support built-in.

Although not widely used, the live caption feature is among the fastest growing and popular features of Android. This feature of Google is currently supported by only a few models of Pixel series smartphones.

The Live Caption feature automatically adds subtitles for any media file played on your phone, removing the language barrier.

Connecting with Android is much easier!

It is possible to download the application you want in the Android operating system, where it is very easy to access third-party applications. In addition, it is necessary to download carefully because it brings these security vulnerabilities.

Thanks to the expandable storage space, you won’t have any storage problems. It is possible to solve the problem easily by purchasing a memory card for devices that support this. Of course, not all Android phones offer external storage, but most do.

There are many ways to add files from your computer to your smartphone. Among them, the fastest way is to connect the phone to your PC with a USB cable and transfer files between them. You can easily do this using any Android phone. Although this is a requirement, iTunes must be installed additionally to connect iOS devices to Windows computers.

For the most part, you cannot access files without iTunes on your PC. For this reason, transferring files from iOS devices to a PC is more complicated than transferring files from Android to PC. Although iOS 14 came with iOS users, Android phone owners who have been using the Widget feature for years have held a large slice of the cake.

It would be correct to say that the gap between Android and iPhone has narrowed significantly in recent years. The biggest reason for this is that both parties add features that they find good for each other. IPhones used to be thought to be technically superior. The reason people bought phones with the Android operating system was that it included cheaper models, but this started to change over the years.

iOS-tarafinda- bulunmayan- Android-avantajlari-02

Today, the technological differences that once existed between the latest iPhones and the best Android devices are essentially gone. Of course, Apple’s CPUs are still shown as top notch, but the competition between Android phones makes these differences very different than compelling.

So, what do you think about the Android advantages that are not available on the iOS side? Are you an Android user or an iOS user? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments. If there are some advantages we have forgotten, be sure to share them with us.


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