Android Auto receives split screen support


The Android Auto car interface finally received support for split screen. With the novelty, the user can use two applications simultaneously on the vehicle’s display during the mirroring of the cell phone.

Support for split screen is already being distributed to Android Auto users with cars that have a widescreen display. It is worth mentioning, however, that not all applications work with the novelty, but the main tools aimed at cars are already optimized for the function.

The display division is not symmetrical and shows the main application with more screen space. The secondary application runs inside a smaller box on the interface, which is in the corner of the panel.

An image published on Reddit shows Android Auto running Spotify and Google Maps, with the streaming platform bringing larger buttons to its interface. The navigation service is displayed in vertical mode, as if it were running on the cell phone.

Drivers who have already received the news also reported that the interface allows you to change applications. With that, if the user prefers to use Maps with a larger screen space and does not care about the smaller commands in Spotify, just slide the programs to rearrange the split screen.

As the function is still in its early stages of release, users may experience some incompatibility issues with apps when opening the split screen. The trend is that Google will improve the function and work to optimize more software for the tool over time.

The arrival of the split screen feature marks just one more step in the evolution of Android Auto, which has been receiving great news since the beginning of the year. In addition, the system is increasingly comprehensive and will become a native solution in Ford cars starting in 2023.


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