Android and iOS will follow Covid without downloading apps


With little success so far in tracking possible infected and people exposed to covid-19, Apple and Google have decided to increase their efforts to facilitate the adoption, by governments and users, of their joint tool to fight the disease. Now, governments will no longer need to develop apps for tracking infected contacts, and users will be able to join without installing extra software.

On devices manufactured by Apple, an update to iOS 13.7 will bring the novelty. As a result, users who live in regions where governments have joined contact tracking to prevent the spread of the disease will receive a notification. This alert will ask if the person wants to participate in the program and, from there, he will receive notifications whenever he contacts any person infected with the new coronavirus.

The process for Android users will be similar, but for now, it will still require the installation of an app and will work even on old devices. However, Google itself will produce this application with the authorization of the local government.

On devices with the robot system, a notification will also be sent asking if the person wishes to participate in the program and, if so, they will be directed to the installation. After that, the scenario is the same, and the tracking tools continue to communicate between the two operating systems.

Brazil has not yet joined the program for tracking infected or exposed contacts promoted by Google and Apple, but with these new facilities, it may be simpler to move in this direction. Both companies ensure that data collection is completely anonymous and does not reveal to participants who the infected people are.

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