Android 12’s first developer beta released


The first developer version for Android 12 has been released. The beta version has redesigned notifications with larger icons and a custom snooze button. Notifications, which change with each Android update, offer multiple visual changes instead of functional changes in Android 12.

Android 12 will have large icons

The first detail noticed in the new notification view is that when the notification is minimized, the application icon on the far left of the notification grows significantly. In addition, in the new version, the notifications picture sizes have also increased compared to Android 11.

With Android 12, Google added a special button to notifications. With this innovation, which is known as the snooze button, you will be able to easily postpone your incoming notifications to a further hour. You can also postpone the notifications for an hour or set a time limit yourself.

Details about the highly anticipated new version by Android users continue to emerge. What do you think about the new look of the operating system with the most users in the world?


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